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About Our Training Academy - Body Contouring Or Eyelash Extensions In Louisville, KY

If you're interested in body contouring or eyelash extensions in Louisville, KY, we have the perfect course for you. Contact us today!

The Trinity Method of Body Contouring )TM co founders-

Dear future Contouring Specialists, We would like to share with you some information about our co founders.

Angela West, RN, MSN has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. During her nursing career she has had the opportunity to provide post-operative care to an abundance of bariatric surgical patients. Angela was motivated to develop a non-invasive all-natural process for Body Contouring/Sculpting after providing care to an excessive number of surgical patients that experienced post-operative complications (pain, infection, excessive downtime, death, etc.).

Angela has performed extensive research related to fat, fascia, cellulite, skin laxity, etc. and the varying methods to improve them.  Her research has led to the development of the Trinity Method of Body Contouring.  The Trinity Method of Body Contouring incorporates three non-invasive processes (extreme temperature (cryotherapy/thermotherapy), wood therapy, and lymphatic stimulation that are applied systematically to the body to achieve results such as tightening of the skin, reduction of cellulite, inch loss, etc.  The Trinity Method of Body Contouring has grown in popularity due to the results achieved by many clients.

Amber Spratt-Jones, BS, Licensed Esthetician has taken the beauty industry by storm since obtaining her Esthetics license in 2015. Having no prior experience in the field (she is a 12 year Air Force Veteran and former IT nerd with IBM), Amber felt a calling on her heart to pursue her love for skin/beauty full time. In just a few short years, Amber has established an extremely loyal following of her own, opened a 2400 sqft full service salon operating in her hometown, and developed training courses for other beauty services she hosts monthly. Amber has extensive knowledge on the skin and it’s functions. The Trinity Method of Body Contouring and its highly effective results are something she fully stands behind. She also has put together her TOP tips and tricks to share on how to grow your business, selling retail, your businesses bottom line, and more!

We are thrilled to share The Trinity Method of Body Contouring with the world! Hope to see you at an upcoming training!

-Angela & Amber